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Websites, Books and E-books

Self Treatment:

1. Emotional Freedom Technique

Anxiety and OCD:

1. Beat Your OCD

Attachment Disorder:

1. Star Foundation (Treatment program for adults- 10 days $3,959)

2. Dr. Post's Intensive Adult Attachment Therapy (4 days $1,495)

3. Evergreen Psychotherapy Center (Treatment for adults)

4. Institute for Attachment and Child Development (Treatment for adults- 6 days $5610)

5. Child Treatment Centers:
a. www.
b. www. psysolutions
c. Attachment Disorder program

6. Articles:
a. Treatment with EEG Neurofeedback

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder:

1. ADHD Website for NIMH

2. CHADD Website (National Support Organization for People with ADHD)

3. Attention Deficit Disorder Association

Christian Focus:

1. Bible Website (Bible Gateway)

Parenting Issues:

1. Parenting Toolbox

2. Custody Help

3. Multiple Child Custody Sites

4. Parenting Wisely (CD Based Parenting Program)

5. Reward Board System for Children

6. General Parenting Information

7. Parents and Prospective Parent Website

8. Baby Questions Website


1. The Fresh Start Divorce Recovery Workbook
by Bob Burns and Tom Whiteman
ISBN: 0-7852-7192-9
c: 1998

2. When the Vow Break
by Joseph Warren Kniskern
ISBN: 0805460845
c: 1993

3. Growing Through Divorce
by Jim Smoke
ISBN: 1565073223
c: 1995

4. But I Didn't Want a Divorce
by Andy Bustanoby
ISBN 0310221714
c: 1978

5. The Divorce Planner and Organizer
by Brette McWhoter Sember
ISBN: 0071429611
c: 2004

Medical Information:

1. WebMD

2. Website with printable booklets on different mental health issues

3. Website with expert guidelines on a variety of mental health disorders

4. Website: Orange County's Local Health Portal

5. Website: Information about Health and Social Services (e.g., Medi-Cal, Behavioral Health, etc.)

6. Website: Orange County Health Care Agency

7. Website: Cancer

8. Website: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

9. Website: Family Doctor site

10. Website: Health Finder

11. Website: Kids Health

12. Website for the Mayo Clinic

13. Website: Partnership of Medical Societies

14. Website: Medline Plus

15. Website: Noah

16. Website: The Consumer and Patient Health Information Section


1. Freedom from Pornography

2. Drug Treatment Programs:
a. Hope by the Sea- (866) 930-4673 or (949) 715-7773 (dual diagnoses)
b. Able to Change Recovery- 866-225-3260 (Private Profit)
c. Community Counseling Center- (949) 493-7333 (Sliding Scale)
d. Cornerstone of Southern California- (714) 730-5399 (Private Profit)
e. Mainplace Christian Fellowship- (714) 505-1734 (residential)
f. Mainstream- (949) 366-9210 San Clemente
g. Salvation Army- (714) 758-0414 Anaheim
h. Set Free (760) 241-9428 (Christian in Victorville)
i. Teen Challenge (714) 835-8822 (Christian in Santa Ana)
j. Victory Outreach (714) 245-2580
k. Pacific Hills (949) 230-5343

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